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How Does Fog Affect Lighting Systems in Construction Sites

Unpredictable weather, such as rain and snow, can negatively affect outdoor lighting systems operations at construction sites. When it comes to fog, the ability to gauge distances between two objects or structures is notably reduced.

Find out how industrial lighting systems at the facility can address such issues and promote safety for workers handling heavy machinery.

The Effects of Fog

Fog consists of millions of tiny water particles, suspended in the air. Because light beams move slowly through various mediums, the way images are depicted by our eyes is affected. As light hits a small water particle, it slows down and switches the trajectory or angle it is traveling in. Since there are literally millions of water particles in a foggy location, this phenomenon occurs at an exponential rate.

As a result, the creation of rings around light sources, such as light towers or large metal halide lamps, occurs. This makes light appear fuzzy and less saturated. It’s important to point out that one isn’t actually seeing more light. Instead, diffused light conditions are created, using the same amount of light. For workers, the presence of fog can make speed difficult to calculate. Because objects around the construction site are unclear, the basis of calculation, which is used to determine the speed of one’s movements, is unreliable.

During times of poor visibility, individuals may be plagued by the “Mandelbaum Effect.” This occurs when the eye is unable to focus on objects at certain distances, resulting in blurry vision.

Lighting Systems for Improving Visibility

To improve visibility in foggy construction sites, powerful lighting systems must be used. A combination of spot and flood lights are suitable for cutting through thick fog. Spot lights, typically used for long-distance illumination, offer concentrated beams that can pierce through small water particles, without appearing fuzzy. Although the distance of the spot light beam is hindered in foggy conditions, nearby illumination is clear and comprehensive.