Explosion Proof LED Lights
Explosion Proof Lights

Sources of Ignition for Explosion Proof LED Lights at Industrial Sites

Explosion proof LED fixtures offer protection in flammable environments. Depending on the location the units are installed in, sources of ignition may vary. For instance, combustible facilities with heavy machinery are prone to generating hot surfaces (without proper cooling or ventilation at the site), which at high temperatures could set off volatile substances.

Below takes a closer look at different types of sources of ignition for explosion proof lamps.

Sparks and Electrical

Sparks are one of the most common sources of ignition for explosion proof LED lights. This is the main reason why such fixtures are protected by non-sparking materials, such as polycarbonate, non-sparking metals and hard plastic. At industrial locations, sparks arise from various sources. Damaged rotating components in heavy-duty machines, lack of lubrication and faulty cutting devices are examples of spark-related sources.

Electrical sources of ignition are directly related with explosion proof LED lamps. In order to address this, the units are thoroughly sealed to contain electrical sparks inside the fixture, where it cannot interact with flammable substances in the air.

Hot Surfaces and Gases

Hot surfaces are associated with abnormal operating conditions inside combustible locations. In most cases, the risk of interactions with flammable materials arises when the temperature cannot be controlled. With this in mind, hot surfaces are generated in the event of equipment malfunction, energy fluctuations and more. For explosion proof LED lamps, hot surfaces are less of an issue compared to other sources of ignition. This is because the units are extremely energy efficient, stable and do not produce large amounts of heat during use.

Like hot surfaces, hot gases may also become sources of ignition. This type is considered to be more dangerous because gases are versatile. Sealed enclosures from explosion proof lights help prevent hot gases from either exiting or entering the unit.

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